I Didnt Practice the Triple HairWashing Technique Until a Hairdresser Told Me This
Photographed by Acielle/StyleDuMonde

I Didn’t Practice the Triple Hair-Washing Technique Until a Hairdresser Told Me This

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Triple hair washing—in other words, shampooing three times in one session—may sound like overkill, but trust me, it’s not. I’ll admit that while I was familiar with the double-cleansing strategy (for when hair is especially dirty and needs the extra lather), three times seemed excessive at first. But when I received one of the Genoma reparative hair treatments at Salon YÖY in Madrid and then followed it up at home with the triple-washing technique, I immediately saw the benefits of deeper cleansing. I thought I knew everything about the humble hair wash, but I guess not…And here’s why:

Triple Washing Is a Game Changer

“We recommend doing two or three washes because you have to ensure complete removal of residue on the hair and scalp,” they tell me at the salon. “There are many products that leave behind remnants that aren’t easily removed from the hair due to their composition and solubility.” For this reason, and especially when using a nourishing or restructuring shampoo with a vitamin complex (for better penetration to replenish the hair fiber), it is advisable to triple wash with a good rinse. 

Thorough Rinsing Is Essential

It is always essential to rinse hair well but even more so if you practice the triple wash. “A bad rinse is one of the most common mistakes,” the stylists at Salon YÖY tell me. “[Rinsing thoroughly] is necessary to eliminate [oil, sweat, dirt, and product residue and keep the hair fibers healthy].” If you factor in that pollution and other external aggressors dirty the hair, it’s that much more necessary to dedicate time to this step.

Always Massage Your Scalp Gently

Gently massaging the scalp while cleansing is crucial when using a restructuring shampoo. “When we wash our hair, we should not rub it, but massage the scalp and hair, looking for the absorption of the nutrients of the product we use. In addition, wet hair is more sensitive and should not be rubbed or handled aggressively,” they add.

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