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Watch Teyana Taylor Do Her Triple Cleansing and Date-Night Makeup Routine

The singer, dancer, and "A Thousand and One" star walks Vogue through her beauty routine. Director: Gabrielle Reich Director of Photography: Matt Krueger Editor: Tajah Smith Production Manager: Kit Fogarty Production Coordinator: Ava Kashar Associate Talent Manager: Phoebe Feinberg Post Production Coordinator: Jovan James Supervising Editor: Kameron Key Assistant Editor: Andy Morell Filmed at: Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Released on 03/01/2023


[gentle music]

What's up, y'all? It's your girl, Teyana Taylor.

And I'm about to walk y'all through my skincare routine

and then after that I'm gonna go into a little beat.

Y'all ready?

Today, I wanna get into deep cleansing

because I have been wearing makeup a lot.

When I go deep, I gotta get here.

I gotta go here with it. Let's check this out.

I'm gonna go and wet my face. A little will go a long way.

Take my rings off too.

Doesn't mean I'm single, fellas. Calm down.

When I had kids and I started to totally deal

with breakouts, random pimples, bumps, blackheads,

I started really getting into skincare.

My deep cleanse.

My Soy Face Cleanser. It's just something about it.

It just feels really good. I'm a concoction kind of person.

I feel nice and clean.

This is very, very important to me.

I'm gonna go on with my mist first.

[spray nozzle squeaks]

You need to act right. Don't show off in front of company.

I am married.

I see how little he does

and everything is like just still on point.

So I eventually just started doing the same.

This is like my favorite lip mask.

You see it's almost gone.

I add sunscreen to my moisturizer.

That's why I like anything that comes

in like little jars and stuff.

I'm kid free at the moment

so I'm getting a little extra dramatic

with the way I'm like loving on my skin right now.

Now my skin is feeling good and we can go into the makeup.

Everybody knows the brows and everybody know

or who knows me know I don't play about them, okay.

I could put on brows

and not have to worry about nothing else.

Once you start brushing it out,

that how you create like your ombre effect.

In my upcoming movie, they didn't have us wear much makeup.

The one thing they definitely made me wear

was that nasty brow.

But listen, I was method acting. I was in my bag.

It's amazing being back home and filming.

You know, putting on for your hometown.

I think that's making it even doper.

What I love about the the gel

is that you can literally make it do whatever.

Yes Patty!

I go back under and define that line

because when you conceal, of course, you know,

the concealer is gonna hate a little bit.

This do for me what the Red Bull gives to you, wings.

I love NARS. Now I have to mix.

See what a lot of people don't understand is the importance

of like knowing your undertone.

Because if you don't know your undertone,

colors can get real funny.

I have a olive undertone.

I do kind of go in with my Patty concealer, mix that in,

'cause that's where you're gonna get your red tones from.


I know how to do my own hair.

I know how to do my own makeup. I'm my own stylist.

But my nana did hair for 50 years.

So that was just naturally in me.

You know, just watching her.

Now we're gonna go in, we're gonna brighten.

I've gotten so used to people not really knowing what to do

with Black women's skin.

So if you gonna beat this mug,

I need to know that you gonna know what to do.

I already got super strong features

and I have a weird undertone.

So it's like I need you to understand that.

and make me feel beautiful.

Patty again.

I use this Fenty,

it's almost like a brick color you can see.

I hold it with the beauty blender because, one,

it helps you not put the fingerprints

'cause ain't nothing worse when you going like this

and when you done, you got a whole fingerprint there.

Like somebody brought you in for questioning.

You know what I'm saying?

It's just, that's not, it's not right.

So with this, this allows it to, you know, and do it soft.

You see you've got a lot of pressure.

I love these.

Bam, bam,

and you even want to go up in there a little bit.

I spend less time on my eyes.

Wanna have my lashes. Lashes is popping.

I got bottom ones too. Giving real Twiggy.

I'm gonna go back into these right here

to start softening that up.

It's something about the faces in the sixties that I love.

You know, like it was minimum, but they had like dope wings.

Like crazy, like random wings. The top and bottom lashes.

Like it was always all in the eyes.

I think that was like my favorite like era,

well one of my favorite eras of beauty.

Especially being able to watch like Diana Ross or Twiggy.

That's how I feel about the nineties too.

I feel like in the nineties,

we went back to like really toning it back down

and just focusing on that lip liner.

Let me put my lip liner on.

Now I know this may look dark,

but I started with dark first so I can go and do all color.

Because if I go too bright, you see how big my lips are,

it'll look like it's running into my nose.

Same exact colors that I used.

Now that I'm mixing all of them,

have that little ombre effect.

Now we're gonna go on with the same colors.

I start from my brows so everything's kind of like blended.

So I go like a little bit in front of my brows

and I work my way down.

My daughters are so into makeup.

Even all the way down to my two year,

she be like, Mommy, I want makeup.

So now I'll go and try and hand her like a little brush.

She's so smart, she'll be like,

No I want the makeup like your face.

Don't hand me no brush. She don't be playing with me.

And then Junie is really the one y'all should have had here

'cause Junie actually do these kind of tutorials

on her TikTok that I never allow her to post.

Gives her space to express herself.

The Honey Waffles, this is my favorite

because it's so hard to find good nudes.

And if you want go in.

Feeling kind of cute. Just a little bit.

Oh, look at that pixie. That pixie laid, laid.

Blush, it works, but very, very subtle.

Do not do too much.

Getting ready for Met Gala, anything like that,

I kind of take those moments

to really do things that I've always wanted to try

that I wouldn't necessarily do every single day.

But like especially occasions like that, definitely.

Especially for the Met Gala, hello.

It's time for the bronzer.

Gotta take it back with some MAC Cosmetics.

Hit that nose right there, that corner.

Yeah, Tinkerbell.

Just to make it pop.

I am a pixie girl.

Literally during tour,

I grew my hair all the way back out

to cut it right back off.

I have these little rub-on oils.

That's the spot my husband like.

This is the body food.

Like a lot of like different shea butters, coconut oil.

Look at this.

I use it on my kids.

I am about to go on a hot date with my husband.

Hence why you gotta make sure that real smell good.

Love you guys. Peace.

[gentle music]

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